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House Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Enhance the look of your home

The professional technicians at Himalayas Group can help by renewing the original look of the exterior of your house. Has your siding started developing mold and mildew? Do you have spider nests or mud dauber nests infesting your soffits or patios? If the answer is yes – you need to address these problems before they develop out of control and you end up having to paint your home and/or replace rotten wood.

As a homeowner, your responsibility is to ensure your home remains valuable by maintaining it in excellent condition. When it comes to keeping the exterior nice, professional house washing can be very advantageous. We specialize in providing over years of full time house washing.

Let the professionals handle it
One of the biggest advantages to using a professional washer is the knowledge. We use the lowest pressure possible to ensure we don’t damage your home in the process. Avoid streaks and water damage with our expert washing skills.