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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Service

Discover why our reputation as a Window Cleaner in Melbourne is spotless!

Gone are the days when a window cleaner was just some untrained, local guy with a chamois leather and a bucket full of cold, soapy water. Window cleaning technology has moved on from then, with scrims, specialist window cleaning buckets, microfiber cloths, purified water and water-fed poles very much being the order of the day.

At Himalayas Cleaning Services, Victoria, we recognize that specialist window cleaning services require specialist window cleaners, and that’s what we have trained ourselves to be. We offer a unique window cleaning service that’s individually tailored to your specific windows, and to your specific needs.

Cleaning windows involves more than cleaning glass.
When it come to your windows, it’s not just the glass panels themselves that are important, it’s the whole window itself, including sills and frames. It’s important that these areas of each window are kept as clean as the glass, as that prevents mould and mildew from forming, which – if left untreated – will cause real problems and eventual damage.

 Allowing mould to form on or around your windows is never a good idea, as the spores from mould will create the kind of atmosphere that no one wants to breathe in.