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Weather is getting warmer and soon we will be welcoming summer. Are you prepared for it? Amidst all the other preparations, have you considered cleaning your roof gutters? Summer is a crucial time to get your gutters cleaned in order to protect your property.

We have already discussed how clogged gutters can harm your property. Which also means undergoing costly roof repairs to amend those damages, including the roof and the entire foundation.

Additionally, you can also encounter issues like:

  • Water damage to the roof from clogged gutters
  • Side stains due to continuous water overflow
  • Rotting of wood, window, door and fascia board
  • Foundation cracks due to the overflow of rainwater
  • Moisture and water damage to the basement
  • Landscape erosion

We don’t want to scare you. But, the fact is – a poorly maintained gutter filled with debris can really pose a risk to your home, hence being proactive is always beneficial than being reactive in this case.

So, while you cannot stop the summer heat and storms from taking a toll on your property, there are some precautions – some preparations that you can do to lessen the impact!

Prepare Your Roof Gutters Ahead of Summer

We have a few important tips to help you prepare your roof gutters before summer sets in. Let’s take a look:

#1 Clean Your Gutters

After the winter and fall season, there are high chances that tree leaves or small twigs could be blocking your roof drainage.

Additionally, the rainwater also gets accumulated as it does not get the required space to flow off the roof properly which can further lead to a bigger damage. So, even if you think your gutters are clear, it is always good to be on a safer side and get them checked again to avoid any contingencies. If you need to know, how often should you clean your roof gutters – here’s a blog about it.

#2 Inspect Your Roof

While you are checking your gutters, take a look at your roof and assess its condition too. Can you see any missing or cracked shingles? If so, do the needful by adding or replacing the roof tiles.

It is recommended to take a picture of your roof in every spring season. This will help you to compare the condition of your roof from year to year. And, if you find any major changes, opt for the required repairs to ensure that the condition of your roof gutters remains intact.

#3 Spot the Mould

Preparing your roof gutters for summer is basically all about inspecting, assessing and repairing to give you peace of mind that the property is safe. If you are not keeping your roof gutters clean, there are chances of mould development. Once it occurs, it can spread very fast so look for the areas that have already been damaged by mould.

When you see any signs of mould on the surface, there are chances of even more substantial growth underneath. At such times, it is best to take professional assistance. The gutter cleaning experts have an in-depth knowledge and required resources to remove any mould and check for deeper problems before it gets worse.

#4 Block the Open Spaces

A lot of homes also find squirrels, birds and other small animals making their home on the roof. The best place that they target is the open one. So, make sure that all the areas are covered. You can do this by inspecting around the attic access and roof vents. Check that they are properly sealed and blocked. This will prevent the small creatures from getting in.

#5 Check all the Sealants

Remember, while the sun can be rough on your roof, so can water. If you have improper seals that have already been worn away by winter or rains, fill them immediately. There are high chances that the moisture seeps into your home in the case when the sealant is not in good condition.

Strong summer storms can bring a lot of water that can quickly pour in through these caps, ultimately damaging your roof’s structure, walls and ceilings inside your home. Performing a roof inspection thoroughly, looking for signs of problems and getting the required repairs done will make sure that your roof including the gutters is summer-ready.

#6 Prepare Against Bushfire

Do you know what can be a disastrous combination? It is when strong winds, dry weather, bushfires and full gutters – all happen at once. Though this is only for the people who live in the areas that are prone to bushfire, it is always good to be careful. After all, it only takes a single spark landing in a gutter full of dry leaves to cause a fire.

In such cases, it becomes imperative for you to undertake an extensive roof gutter cleaning that ensures you with a clean gutter, free of leaves, dust, dirt and everything that can lead to a fire.

To Conclude

It is simple; if you see leaves and debris in your gutter from the ground, it indicates that your roof gutters are not ready for summer. Check on these tips, hire a professional and ensure that every aspect of roof gutter is taken care of. Whatever you decide, please don’t try to clean your roof gutters yourselves. It is risky and can be dangerous.

If you are in search of a professional who can provide a fast, stress-free and comprehensive roof gutter cleaning service, Himalayas Group has to be your go-to choice. Using the latest gutter cleaning equipment and tools, the expert team is sure to make your roof gutters ready for summer. Protect your valuable investment by contacting the team on 0415 841 606 and getting the required gutter cleaning services.






Rainwater is an important natural resource. Melbournians have been storing and using rainwater for decades. The amount of rainwater collection may vary with your location – but having the right facilities for rainwater certainly, help.

Your Roof Gutters Play An Important Part in Rainwater Collection

Water tanks are available in different sizes, shapes and types, but all have the certain similarities in how they work. Generally, it is used to store and reused the rainwater that falls onto a roof through an arrangement of gutters and pipes.

The water is directed into the tank by rain gutters, and then gets filtered. It can be stored for up to 18 months for household purposes. The collected water is piped back into your house after passing through a series of filters.

Your roof gutters play an important role in collecting rainwater. They are the first touch point for your rainwater. To keep your rainwater hygienic and to last long- you need to ensure regular maintenance of your roof gutters.

This way it will not only allow the water to flow smoothly but also decrease water contamination. So, the first step towards maintaining your water catchment system, i.e. rainwater tank is to keep your roof gutters cleaned.

Why Roof Gutter Cleaning is Important to Maintain your Rainwater Tank?

Your roof gutters and downpipes are the channels to collect rainwater.

But these gutters are vulnerable to debris, leaves and loose grains of gravel from a recently placed roof. This debris build-up can cause blockages and clogs that can have adverse effects on your rainwater quality.

Also, it can cause the rainwater to overflow out of the gutter, which results in leaks and damages.

There are chances that small debris can break down into minute particles and flow into the rainwater tank. These particles accumulate at the bottom of the tank creating a thick layer of a muddy substance that can become difficult to clean or filter.

Overall, clogged gutters cause rainwater to settle on the roof, which can contaminate the water supply and even damage your home’s foundation. Basically, you would never want to risk your home with clogged roof gutters as they can be quite risky in a longer run.

However, through periodic checks and thorough roof gutter cleaning, it is possible to detect any blockages or contamination.

professional gutter cleaning protects your home from water damage and can save you thousands of dollars in bigger roof repairs bills.

Get Rain Gutter Guards Installed For Cleaner Rainwater

Apart from cleaning your gutter thoroughly, it is also essential to install roof gutter guard to collect clean water in your tank. A gutter guard is a thick steel mesh that is installed on the top of your roof gutters acting as a type of filter.

It is one of the best products manufactured to keep debris such as twigs and leaves out of your gutter system. This guard is balanced above your roof gutter by easy to install clips.

As a result, water flows freely into the rainwater tank, which is free from any contaminants and pollutants.

Generally, gutter cleaning is performed twice a year, in the spring and fall. Here’s more about how often you should clean your roof gutters. Installing gutter guards prevent debris, and therefore can avoid premature rusting. As a result, you do not have to clean your gutters too often.

Clean Gutters are Important And So is Your Safety

Clean roof gutters can help you have a better and effective rainwater system. However, you need risk your safety for that by trying to clean your roof gutters yourself. You have mentioned it in our earlier blogs – mistakes you should avoid while cleaning your roof gutters.

It can be risky and extremely time-taking to clean roof gutters without a trained professional. Thus, it is recommended you hire a roof gutter cleaning professional like Himalaya Group and let them complete this job. They will use the latest cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products to clean your roof gutters and avoid any clogs for clean tank water.

Book a Professional Roof Gutter Cleaning Service Today!

Don’t let the rainwater clogged in your dirty roof gutters. Instead get your gutters cleaned and enjoy a sustainable rainwater system. We, at Himalayas Group, are roof gutter cleaning experts and we serve all areas in Melbourne.

Our team of professionals know how to clean your roof gutters in the most efficient way. They will help you to maintain your rainwater tank by providing a professional gutter cleaning service at an affordable price.

To find out more about our gutter cleaning services and gutter guard installation, contact us on 0415 841 606.






Is roof gutter cleaning involved in your cleaning and maintenance task list? Experts always advise for a regular gutter cleaning. After all, neglecting the gutters of your home can lead to serious damages, including structural issues, mould and mildew, foundation issues and basement flooding.

If you need an exact timeline for cleaning your gutters, here’s our blog about – How often you should clean roof gutters in Melbourne.

Generally, gutter cleaning may seem like an easy task, but it involves many aspects which can turn out to be a bit risky for a DIY cleaner.

Whether you are cleaning your gutters yourself or hiring a professional for the same, here are some mistakes to avoid in case of gutter cleaning to save yourself from the hassles as well as expenses in the near future.

Mistakes Should You Avoid While Cleaning Your Gutters

#1 Avoiding Small Gutter Repairs

A peeling paint on your gutter, some patchy spots of mould, small gutter leaks at the seams and a slightly loose downspout – all these issues are minor and might not cause any major consequences. But, they all have the potential to aggravate the damages, ultimately causing expensive roof repairs in the longer run.

So, do not avoid them, rather inspect your gutter thoroughly and examine the issues before they turn big.

#2 Ignoring the Debris of Your Gutter

Gutters are the breeding areas for leaves, twigs and stagnant water. Not cleaning them will hinder the water flow over time while diminishing the ability of the gutters to perform their primary function.

Additionally, debris also attracts pests creating hygiene and health issues. Hence, it is advisable to carry out the cleaning at least three to four times a year while making sure that the debris is removed thoroughly.

#3 Using Harsh Chemicals to Clean Your Gutter

Gutters are generally designed to withstand tough elements unless they come in contact with the harsh chemicals. When you are cleaning them, using caustic soaps can damage their finish.  Hence, it is better to opt for organic products to minimise the risk of damage. We at Himalaya Group, use only eco-friendly and damage-free products to clean your roof gutters.

#4 Using Leaf Blowers to Clean Your Roof Gutters

Though leaf blowers may seem like a quick and perfect solution to clean your gutter, in reality, they tend to create more trouble than they are worth. Using leaf blower will blow all the debris into the air. Further, the debris will end up on the roof or will drift down on your windows, siding or any other parts of your property. This, in turn, will only increase your job as a whole.

#5 Carrying a Muck Bucket Along While Gutter Cleaning

Regardless of you being stationed on the roof or balancing yourself on a ladder to do the cleaning work yourself, it is never advisable to carry a muck bucket with one hand. Consider tying it to the ladder or set it properly on the roof so that both the hands are free and you are able to carry out the job safely. A better way would be to hire professional roof gutters as they are equipped with right safety gears and know how to clean gutters without causing any accidents.

#6 Not Wearing Proper Safety Gear

Gutter cleaning is definitely a risky job; after all, you have to balance yourself while cleaning all the accumulated dirt and debris. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to take necessary safety precautions in order to protect yourself from any accidents.

Here are three major precautions you should take:

  • Eye Protection – Safeguard your eyes from the flying debris that may include anything from twigs, pebbles and roof shingle granules.
  • Hand Protection – Protect your hands from stones, twigs and broken egg shells by wearing sturdy gloves. Ensure that the gloves have a good grip as it will provide an extra layer of traction.
  • Foot Protection – Choose a footwear with a good tread. This will allow you to keep a hold on ladder firmly.

But, again we will never advise you to clean your roof gutters yourself, as it can be way too risky for someone who is not a professional to do this job.

#7 Causing Damage to Your Gutters Unknowingly

It is difficult to avoid this mistake as it is done unknowingly. But, taking necessary precautions may avoid incurring the mistakes in the first place. The ladders shouldn’t be leaning too heavily or awkwardly against the gutter. This may cause the gutter sections to bend and may even separate the seams. Instead, it is better to lean the ladder against the walls of your home.

#8 Considering DIY Instead of a Professional Gutter Cleaning Company

It is always advisable to hand over this task to a professional. The job is messy, time-consuming, and risky for an untrained person.

Additionally, it is common for the homeowners like you to overlook small details that can compromise on the long-term quality and effectiveness of the gutter system. Hence, it is better to play safe and consider hiring a professional who has an in-depth knowledge and advanced techniques to do the gutter cleaning job.

Moreover, don’t you want to enjoy the things which you like more? So, don’t spend your weekends by cleaning debris from the gutters. Hire a professional gutter cleaning company so you can sit back and enjoy your weekend.

A professional gutter cleaning can keep the condition of your property intact

Preserve your valuable investment by hiring an expert gutter cleaning service from Himalayas Group. Our professional team provides you with perfectly clean gutters at an affordable price.

Get in touch with us today. Call us on 0415 841 606 to hire us and we will clean your roof gutters.






Melbourne has pleasantly hot summers, gentle autumns, cold winters and balmy spring. Due to these different climate conditions, several debris and leaves surround your property and roof gutters.

Over the course of time, the roof gutters in your property can be damaged due to the growth of algae, moss, mildew and build-up of leaves and dust. One of the cost-effective ways to protect the structural integrity of your roof is by opting for regular roof gutter cleaning.

Is Regular Roof Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne Required?

Gutters are useful to control rainwater in order to prevent your property’s foundation, walls and landscape. But, when you neglect cleaning your roof gutter, it can turn into an unpleasant experience.

The blockage of a roof gutter is caused due to the collection of debris and leaves. This will result in a leaky roof or water damage to the internal or external area of your property. Also, gutters with dirty and sticky residues can make a nice home for pets, rodents and mould. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of water damage, it is essential to know the importance of opting regular gutter cleaning in Melbourne.

There are several factors to keep in mind while considering the correct time to clean your gutters. Usually, the perfect time starts when the last leaves that fall from the tree and the time when the chilly winter beings, once a year. However, as Melbourne has unpredictable weather conditions, it is also recommended to start your gutter cleaning in late October to remove the bulk and prevent the ice damming in the winter. Also, you can do your second cleaning after the spring thaw, as a result, your roof gutters can tolerate the intense spring rains.

At last, keeping in mind your location of the property, number and distance of trees from your home, type of roof or size and shape of the roof, decide your upcoming roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne i.e. at least two or four times a year. To understand better, read our detailed blog post on how often you should clean your roof gutters.

How to Estimate the Cost of Roof Gutter Cleaning?

For a perfect roof gutter cleaning, a professional help is always recommended. Gutter cleaners will come to your house, identify the signs of damage and offer repair services. Generally, a professional gutter cleaning service will depend on the following considerations when estimating the cost of your gutter cleaning:

  • Property Height

    The cost of the gutter cleaning varies from property to property. If you have a single-storey house, then it will have the lowest gutter cleaning rate, as little as $150. However, gutter cleaning for a large double-storey house might cost you between $210-$390. Thus, the cost will increase with each storey due to added safety risk and the need for special equipment.

  • Roof Gutter Size

    Another factor which is considered while calculating the cost of gutter cleaning is the square footage of your home. If you are living in a sprawling mansion, then it will have more linear metres of guttering in comparison to a normal-sized house.

  • Gutter Condition

    If you haven’t cleaned your gutters for a longer period of time, then it is obvious they will be in a bad shape. As a result, it will require more time to clean those gutters and eventually will cause you more money. So, the price of your gutter cleaning also depends on the condition of gutters.

However, the overall cost of cleaning the roof gutters will be cheaper than fixing your roof due to serious damage or lack of maintenance.

Can We Provide A Gutter Cleaning Price List?

Yes, we can. We are an expert gutter cleaning service provider in Melbourne. If you provide us with your details like your address and needs – we can normally give you a price quote for gutter cleaning. You can use our contact form on our website to request a price quote.

Save Time and Money with Professional Roof Gutter Cleaning

Save both time and money on gutter cleaning, trust Himalayas Group. Our roof gutter cleaning services are the best in the industry and in the Melbourne market. Our gutter cleaning services are available for all types of roofs, there is nothing our fully qualified team cannot handle.

We start by inspecting your gutters, tightening the fasteners and resealing any caps or outlets. But we are full-service gutter cleaners and apart from cleaning gutters, we can also:

  • Clean the roof and your house with high-pressure cleaning
  • Check for any roof damage or broken tiles
  • Repair roof damage
  • Window cleaning
  • Install gutter guards
  • Bird proof the gutters
  • Remove and dispose of debris after gutter cleaning
  • Provide a roof condition report
  • Paint your roof

Our prices are highly competitive for professional gutter cleaning in Melbourne. Call 0415 841 606 to book an appointment.






Melbourne is known for its four-season weather in one day, which causes several leaves and debris to surround your property and roof gutters. Over time, roof gutters in the Melbourne can experience detrimental growth in the form of moss, lichen, algae, and mildew, as well as a build-up of dirt, leaves, oil, dirt and dust, which can threaten the structural integrity of your roof.

One of the easiest and effective ways to maintain your roof gutters is by getting regular roof gutter cleaning done in Melbourne.

Why Is Roof Gutter Cleaning Important In Melbourne?

Do you remember when was the last time you cleaned your roof gutters? Gutters are the important part of your home as they protect your doors, ceiling, walls and foundation from water damage. Also, they decrease soil erosion around your property, prevent basement flooding and protect your patios from decay and staining. Therefore, gutter cleaning and maintenance should be a regular activity.

Often gutters get clogged with this leaves, twigs and other debris. A regular gutter cleaning helps you eliminate the risk of clogged gutters and further damage.

What are the Problems Caused By Blocked Roof Gutters?

Generally, it is suggested to clean your gutters twice a year during fall and spring. But, depending on how many trees you have, roof gutter should be cleaned on a higher or a lower frequency.

If you avoid doing the regular gutter cleaning in Melbourne, then it may lead to clogged gutters, followed by huge and expensive roof repairs. Here are a few serious issues that caused by clogged roof gutters:

  • Roof damage

When water stays in your roof gutters for a longer period of time, the periphery of your roof surface can be damaged. This happens due to the constant contact with the running water. This may cause damage to your roof and allow the surface material to rot and become weak.

  • Insect Infestation

Your gutters get blocked because of accumulation of leaves and twigs that come with a strong wind from the nearby vegetation. Due to this, a variety of unwanted pests such as insects, spiders and mosquito larvae make their home inside your roof gutters. If it is blocked for a long period of time, then it will begin to rot and generate mould. This might affect your health and environment. So, it is absolutely essential to get a regular gutter cleaning done.

  • Landscape erosion

Your expensive landscape might be destroyed due to clogged roof gutters. This happens when excess rainfall occurs and water exit the gutters with enough force. This results in the over-flowing gardens or shrubs that surround the landscape. As a result, your landscape can get damaged.

  • House foundation

The roof gutter is responsible for channelling the rainwater off the roof and away from your home’s foundation. But a small blockage is enough for creating a pool of water around your home. If regular gutter cleaning is not done, then over a period of time it may result in cracks or damage to your property. Unfortunately, it may even result in a collapse.

  • Cracks in driveways

Another common problem which is caused due to clogged gutters is water constantly getting into and under your driveways and sidewalks. Apart from foundation asphalt, driveways and walkways can crack. This issue is very common which can cause you expensive repairs.

Save Yourself Time and Money with Professional Roof Gutter Cleaning

Neglecting your roof gutters can compromise the safety of the entire structure. Entrusting Himalayas Group professional gutter cleaning services with the preventative maintenance of your home will increase both the longevity and the aesthetics of your property.

The Himalayas Group team is comprised of fully qualified members, and our prices are highly competitive. If you are concerned that excess build-up in your roof gutters is threatening the safety of your roof, call us today for a quote and trust a company that makes quality a priority. Our professional gutter cleaning operators will clean all the debris and other accumulated build-up from your roof gutter.

Call us today at 0415 841 606 and save yourself time and money.






If you live in Melbourne, then you must be aware of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. Big storms seem to come out of nowhere and leaves, dirt and other debris travel a long way along with the wind. Due to this dust and debris, there is a possibility that your gutter gets clogged and might stop or slow the drainage off your roof.

Clearing your gutters is one of the best forms of preventative maintenance that you can do for your home, eliminating the chance of long-term problems including damaged foundations, rotting fascia, water-related staining and decay.

That’s why it is essential that you keep your gutters clean and free of debris.

Importance of Regular Roof Gutter Cleaning

Gutters that are clear of debris and are working as intended will channel water away from your home and its foundation, protect your home against basement flooding, ease soil erosion, and increase the lifespan of your gutters. Periodically clearing your gutters will extend the lifespan of your roof by preventing roof leakage due to gutters not draining as intended. Over time, clogged gutters will trap ice that splits your shingles apart which will allow for water to make its way into your ceiling and cause expensive leaks, which if not treated will lead to your building’s decay.

Overall, regular gutter cleaning is one of the most essential jobs that Melbournians have to undertake with the help of professional gutter cleaning services in Melbourne. It will help you to expand the life of your roof gutters and stop them from leaking and rusting.

How Often Should the Gutters Be Cleaned?

It is very important for the homeowners to have their gutters clean before the winter starts or early summer. In case, if you left your gutters uncleaned throughout the winter, the ice dams can begin to form. This can cause severe damage to your roof and can create the leaks that allow water into your house.

Besides ice dams, fallen leaves and other debris are responsible for clogged gutters. Through regular gutter cleaning, you can remove all the branches and leaves from your gutter which helps you to avoid fire hazard and blocked downpipes.

Another way to diminish the number of debris is by purchasing gutter guard. This gutter guard helps to stop leaves and debris from reaching the gutters as they have a mesh surface. Overall, depending on the number of trees surrounding your house, it is necessary to clean the gutters quarterly, twice a year or yearly.

Why Is It Essential To Hire An Expert For Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne?

No matter what kind of roof you have in your house, whether it is new or old, ensure that it is clean and well-maintained. Cleaning a gutter requires you to climb a ladder, which can be risky. Also, it requires right expertise and technique to have a thorough roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne.

If you are an amateur and don’t have the efficient skills to clean the roof gutters, then it is advisable to hire professional gutter cleaners. They have latest cleaning tools and equipment for removing dust, debris and ice dams from the gutters. Also, helps you to prevent the entire structural foundation of your property and save you money on future roof repairs related to damage gutters.

Looking for the Best Roof Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne?

If you are looking for a gutter cleaning expert in Melbourne, then Himalayas Group is the right choice. Himalayas Group professional gutter cleaning services trained operators will ensure against structural damage caused by clogged debris such as leaves and branches, animal nests and waste, water, dust, dirt, and general accumulated build-up. By employing our trained expert services twice a year, once before winter and once before summer, you are guaranteeing the longevity of your dwelling and saving money long term. Call us at 0415 841 606 for a quote today!







By : Admin on : Jan 1st 2019


If you have damaged or blocked guttering, you can call professional team of Himalayas Group. We can advise on everything from clearing debris to roof repair. We will use ladder to get up on the roof, collect all the debris out of the gutters and wash all the gutters. We check whether the downpipes are in working condition. If they are blocked, we unblock them to ensure the flow of water.

If you do have leaking gutter joints it’s important to get them repaired as soon as possible. Our team will notify you if there are any issues that need immediate attention. However, if there are small issues such as crack tiles and open space, we can fix that at the same time on the same price of gutter cleaning or of little extra charge.







By : Admin on : Jan 1st 2019


If you are thinking about how to avoid gutter repairs, it’s important to remember; as clean gutters are far less susceptible to damage than blocked gutters. In fact, the two most common gutter related issues facing homeowners are blockages in the gutter itself, and blockages in the downpipes. These blockages are often caused by debris like fallen leaves, moss, and weed. One simple way to tell if you’re in need of roof repairs is to take a step outside while it’s raining – if water is running down the side of your house, it’s likely that your gutters are blocked.

Leaking gutter joints are another common problem: in fact, leaking gutters are the most common cause of isolated damp in homes across Melbourne. Leaks can occur when bits of debris get caught in the joints, or simply from general wear and tear. If you’re experiencing damp in your property, it’s a good idea to check your gutters before you do anything else to see if that are what are causing the problem. 

One final sign of damage to look out for is sagging gutters. This can happen when the gutter becomes weighed down by debris and standing water, or when there are rusty screws and faulty brackets. Frequent gutter cleaning can highlight these problems: you’ll easily be able to check how sturdy they are by examining the downpipe on the ground, and if anything feels a little loose you can take precautions before any real damage occurs.







By : Admin on : Jan 1st 2019


We use a ladder to get up on the roof and scoop out all the leaves and debris out of your gutters. Safety harness on lifeline is attached at all times to ensure our safety. After Clearing all debris, we use hose to clear any residue left inside the gutters and unclog all the downpipes to ensure it’s working in perfect condition. Also while we are on the roof, we check for broken tiles or damaged roof. If we suspect any issues on the roof, we will immediately notify the homeowners. If the roof requires small roof repairs such as pointing or sealing open space, we can do on the spot for free of charge or extra cost. We will also provide before and after photos so you can judge the result of your gutter cleaning.



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