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Tips for Pressure Cleaning Your Roof



Tips for Pressure Cleaning Your Roof

Pressure cleaning can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to clean metal or tiled roofs. Done properly, it can take the hassle out of roof and gutter cleaning.

Pressure washing can quickly revitalise stained and tired looking roofing materials. It’s perfect for removing debris and contaminants like mould and mildew, moss, bird droppings, water stains, oil and grease stains

Pressure washing for roof cleaning is an easy task, it does come with some risks. If not done carefully and properly, you could end up damaging your roof and that could cost you big in terms of roofing repairs.

You also need to factor in the dangers of working at heights with a pressure cleaner. There’s a high risk of slipping and falling, especially if you don’t have the right safety equipment or you’re not used to handling a pressure washer.

But done carefully, pressure washing is one of the best ways to take care of your roof and gutter cleaning. To make sure you’re ready to handle the job in the safest way possible, we have a few tips for pressure cleaning your roof.

What is pressure cleaning?

First, let’s have a quick look at how pressure cleaning works. Pressure cleaning (or pressure washing) uses water sprayed at high pressures reaching or exceeding 4,000 PSI. The pressurised water blasts off stains and debris stuck to your roof or other surface.

Pressure washing is not the same as power washing. While both use high-pressure water, power washers typically heat the water. Power washers are generally used for more heavy-duty cleaning jobs, such as removing paint. For general cleaning tasks like roof and gutter cleaning, heated water is not necessary.

Tips for pressure cleaning your roof

If not handled properly, pressure cleaning can create a lot of mess, potentially damage your roof and gutters and even lead to serious injury. So, before you jump on that ladder with your pressure cleaner, we have a few tips to help you get the roof gutters cleaned, effectively and safely.

  • Clean out the gutters before you start
    It’s worth taking the time to manually clean out your gutters and remove any loose debris from your roof, like branches and leaves, before you fire up the pressure washer. If you don’t do this, you risk clogging your gutters with the debris that you clean from the roof.
  • Don’t use chemicals or detergents
    One of the best things about pressure cleaning is that it doesn’t require the use of any detergents or cleaning chemicals. The highly pressurised water is enough to remove stains and debris. This means you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals running off into your garden or into stormwater.
    For particularly stubborn stains, you may be tempted to use a chemical cleaner, but in most cases it’s not necessary. Scrubbing the affected area by hand before hitting it with a close, direct blast with the cleaner should be enough to remove even the toughest stains.
  • Don’t use the highest pressure setting
    It may seem like using a higher pressure setting will result in a more thorough clean in less time, but all you’re really doing is risking damage to the roofing materials. At high pressure settings, you risk breaking roof shingles, denting the sheet metal and damaging gutter attachments and other roof fixings.
    For stubborn or hard to reach stains, resist the urge to increase the pressure. Instead, move the nozzle closer to the stain to get the maximum effect of the water pressure.
  • Be mindful of neighbours
    Pressure cleaning can cause a lot of splash back. The water combined with the dirt, algae and other debris can create quite a mess. Take care where you direct the high-pressure cleaner or you could end up spraying neighbouring walls and windows and making a real mess.
  • Take safety seriously
    Be careful when you’re working on the roof. Not all roof surfaces are designed to support your weight. Make sure you’re always walking only on the support beams. You should also ensure you’re fully equipped with all the necessary safety equipment including goggles and gloves, work boots with appropriate grip and safety harnesses and roof anchors.
  • Start at the top and work down
    Always start cleaning from the top of the roof and work your way down. This way you won’t be washing dirt and debris from above down over the already cleaned sections. Washing from the top down also means the water will be running down the roof away from you. This is important as you want to avoid walking on the wet slippery sections of the roof as much as possible.
    You should also always aim the nozzle down the slope of the roof. This will help to stop water shooting under the shingles or the points where the metal sheets overlap and getting into your roof space.
  • Don’t forget the additional cleaning
    Pressure cleaning can create quite a bit of mess, especially if you’re not used to handling the cleaning equipment. You may end up with muddy runoff down your walls or sprayback on your windows. Leaf matter and other debris from the roof can also end up in your garden. Once the roof cleaning is done, you may also need to clean up the garden and wash some windows and walls to remove any spray or muddy stains.
  • Leave it to the pros
    But the best way to pressure clean your roof is to call in the professionals. They can handle all your roof and gutter cleaning, as well as any roof and gutter repairs that may be necessary. They will come fully equipped with all cleaning tools and safety equipment and can handle the cleaning while you put your feet up and relax.

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Pressure Cleaning is a cleaning technique which is ideal for removing dirt, mildew, oil and grease from a variety of surfaces to bring them back to a sparkling clean state.

Basically, there is a device – a high-pressure washer that is attached to a hose to clean the surface. Due to a smaller diameter of the opening of the nozzle, a high pressure is developed causing water to get jet blasted on the surface. This ultimately cleans the surface at one go.

But, unless you know which surfaces are safe to clean with a pressure washer or which nozzle and technique should be applied for cleaning them, you may even end up damaging the surface or even injuring yourself.

To avoid this, we have mentioned a list of the surfaces that can be pressure cleaned with a pressure washer, along with the ways of cleaning them properly.

So, let’s begin.

What Surfaces Can Be Cleaned with Pressure Cleaning?

#1 Patios and Decks

Mostly the patios and decks are made up of wood. You can easily pressure clean them.

Remember, a pressure-treated wood is very soft, so it is recommended to use a low-pressure nozzle to prevent etching or marking the wood. To play safe here, it is best to check your owner’s manual in order to confirm the type of nozzle to be used.

It should be tested before cleaning the whole surface. You can hire a professional pressure cleaner for this job. They usually pressure wash the whole wooden board to make your patio or deck sparkling clean.

#2 Walkways and Driveways

There is no concern of etching for the walkways and driveways that are made up of concrete. Such surfaces can readily withstand a high-pressure cleaning.

Using a finer pencil-like nozzle is recommended here as it will easily clean the grease stains.

In the case of mildew-covered concrete walkways and driveways, it is recommended to first coat the surface with soapy water while using a low-pressure technique. This will remove the mould easily. Again, if you are not confident about the equipment and techniques, it is better to hire a professional and avoid any damages.

Many cleaning experts also use a rotary nozzle if the walkways or driveways are heavily soiled.

#3 Brick and Concrete Surfaces

Bricks and concrete surfaces can be easily cleaned with high-pressure cleaning technique. It can clean the surface by removing algae, mould or grime instantly.

In order to prevent degrading of brick or concrete surface, it is advisable to choose a nozzle with the widest angle.

Still, hold the nozzle about 30 cm from the surface and sweep it in an even and consistent motion. This will prevent damaging the surface. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. The tougher stains are hard to remove and needs the right technique.

Some cleaning professionals even use detergent to get rid of tougher stains.

#4 Sidings

The sidings can be easily pressure cleaned, be it vinyl, fibre cement or wood clapboard siding. Aluminium siding has a possibility of a dent, so using the lowest pressure with a broad nozzle is recommended. If there are some spots on the sidings that are not removed simply by pressure wash, try using more concentrated blasts. Additionally, you also can consider using a pressure washer to even remove peeling paint from the siding.

It is advisable to not pressure wash the shingles as the pressure can make them loose. Also, the gaps around the doors and windows can allow the water to enter your home, hence avoid spraying water directly on them or even under the lap joints on siding runs.

#5 Roofs

You can use a pressure washer on the roof to remove mould, moss and algae. To avoid damaging the surface as well as to protect yourself from losing your balance while on the ladder, it is best to hire a professional cleaner for this job.

You will also see few professional cleaners applying an equal mixture of bleach and water in a pump sprayer. This lets the moss die on its own.

There is a key to prevent moss from growing – if there is an excessive amount of shade, it is best to trim the overhanging branches or cut down the trees so that the roof is exposed to the sunlight directly.

What Should You Never Do While Pressure Cleaning Any Surface?

  • Point it at someone
  • Stand on the ladder while using it
  • Spray near or on the electrical outlets
  • Put your hands in front of the nozzle to test the pressure

These are just the highlights of high-pressure cleaning. It can give great results if done right.

Book A High-Pressure Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional is always recommended. A professional will have an in-depth knowledge of using the pressure cleaning technique. So, in order to avoid any damages or injuries, it is best to hire them.

One such name is Himalayas Group. Our high-pressure roof cleaning services along with roof gutter cleaning services in Melbourne are the best in the industry. Our professionally trained operators are highly knowledgeable about how much pressure any surface can handle.

With us, you can have a peace of mind that your surface won’t be damaged by a pressure cleaning job.

To request a price quote or to book our service, call 0415 841 606.






You can do the basic cleaning of your house interior space, but for cleaning exterior area such as roof, patios, driveways, decks, walls, fences, it is essential to hire a professional. The exterior parts of your home are exposed to year-round elements and harsh climate. If left untreated for a long time, roof and other exteriors can get damaged with algae and moss, resulting in heavy repairs.

High pressure roof cleaning is a solution here. Basically, experienced and qualified experts use the high pressure cleaning to renew the original look of your home’s exterior space.

What is High Pressure Cleaning?

Generally, it is believed high pressure cleaning is done by connecting the washer to the water line, turning it on and blasting it out onto the surface. It is a highly specialised technique that fluctuates the amount of pressure with different types of surfaces. In this method, unique spray patterns and cleaning soaps or solutions are used to get better results that preserve any finish.

Why Is High Pressure Cleaning So Important?

Whether you are looking for a way to create a healthier environment for your family or a cost-effective way to add more appeal to your home, high pressure cleaning is the ultimate solution. It is used to make your exterior surface look clean and vibrant. You can get rid of stains, sticks, leaves, dirt, mould, mildew, oil, rubber marks from tires and even irrigation rust with a quality high pressure cleaning. By washing out these things you can avoid major health problems.

Another aspect of considering high pressure cleaning is it helps improve the resale value of your property. As a buyer always wants a property which is well-maintained and looks appealing, choosing a high pressure washing technique can be a safe and affordable way to transform the appearance of your home. Also, any hidden issues of poor maintenance like cobwebs, grease, dirt or grime will be erased and provide you with the confidence to present your property in the market for selling.

What are the Applications of High Pressure Cleaning?

The pressure cleaning method is designed to help you get a dirt-free and pollutant-free home. To help you understand it way, here are the few uses of pressure washing which you can consider to maintain your property.

You can opt for a pressure washing method to clean the following:

  • Graffiti
  • Fencing
  • Exterior brick or siding
  • Garage door
  • Parking areas
  • Spider webs and wasp nests
  • Driveway and sidewalks
  • Patios and decks
  • Gutters and awnings
  • Outdoor furniture and much more.

How Can High Pressure Cleaning Be Beneficial?

High pressure cleaning is a technique which can help you maintain a clean and shiny house. It provides many benefits, which not just improves your space, but also gives it a long-lasting effect. Some of the advantages of pressure cleaning are as follows:

  • Make the property appealing

Exterior space with stains and dust is really ugly, isn’t it? A well-maintained exterior space can enhance the overall look of your property. Choosing a high pressure cleaning methods washes all black stains and fungus providing you with a cleaner space.

  • Save gallons of water

If you are looking for the best cleaning method for your residential property and which helps you to save water, then high pressure cleaning is your definite choice. In this method, water is released at a very high speed, which removes all dirt without wasting much water.

  • Less effort required for cleaning

In the regular cleaning sessions, a lot of stretching and moving is required to accomplish the results. Thus, if you want to save your energy while cleaning your exterior space, then high pressure cleaning is the perfect option for you. It will make your space better and cleaner than ever.

  • Avoid dealing with chemicals

Generally, people use special soaps, cleaners and chemicals in the process of cleaning their exterior space. But in order to avoid the use of harmful chemicals choosing a high pressure cleaning service is the best option. It is the great way to remove the dirt or grime by eliminating the water applying high pressure without any use of chemicals.

  • Makes the floor durable

From germs, dirt, lichens, moss to fungal elements, are the elements responsible for making your outdoor floor area look ugly and old. It also reduces its longevity. One of the best techniques to improve the longevity of the floor is pressure cleaning. It not only ensures that your floor area is safe from these elements but also provides long lasting appeal without any damage and repairs.

Get the Best High Pressure Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Whether you want to get rid of spider nests infesting your patios or refurbish the original look of your home’s exterior space, high pressure cleaning is the ultimate choice. We, at Himalayas Group, offer quality pressure cleaning services. Our high-pressure roof cleaning services along with roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne or slate, our professionally trained operators are highly knowledgeable about how much pressure your type of roof can handle, which is important because DIY projects can lead to damaging leaks. Our roof washing services are available for any shaped roof, from pitched, sloped, domed, or flat, there is nothing our fully qualified team cannot handle.

You can call us at 0415 841 606 and request a price quote.


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