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Many homeowners tend to overlook their roof gutters. They think that it is okay to not clean the clogged gutters as the leaves and debris will go away on their own. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

In fact, clogged gutters can worsen the situation, eventually leading to sagging gutters and flooded basements. You wouldn’t want this to happen with your property, right? So, consider cleaning your gutters as one of your annual home maintenance chores and be relaxed that your property is safe.

Fortunately, cleaning your gutters is not that complex. All you need is to arrange some prerequisites and a bit of knowledge for carrying out the gutter cleaning job safely. To make things simpler for you, here’s a comprehensive guide that talks about the different ways that you can clean your roof gutters. So, let’s get started with knowing the essentials that you need to arrange for gutter cleaning.

What All You need for Roof Gutter Cleaning?

  • A sturdy extension ladder
  • A plastic bucket with a wire handle
  • A leaf scooper
  • A pair of gloves
  • A garden hose or a leaf blower or a power washer

Being equipped with all the safety materials like heavy-duty gloves is always a good idea to ensure that you do not end up injuring yourself.

How to Carry Out the Gutter Cleaning Job?

#1 Cleaning with a Leaf Blower

A nozzle comes attached with a leaf blower which is particularly designed to release a narrow stream of air. Thus, it turns out to be perfect for gutter cleaning. Place your ladder in a way that you can slowly move towards the downspout. Simultaneously, you need to blow out the obstructions coming in your way with the help of a leaf blower.

While cleaning the gutter, you need to be careful that the blowing leaves are prevented from going into the downspout. Before wrapping up the process, if you see any leaves or twigs, remove them with the help of a hose.

#2 Cleaning with a Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you have heavier debris, it is better to experiment with a wet/dry vacuum. You can get the required essentials like the hoses and the curved attachments from your local home improvement retail store. Such equipment will help you reach the obstructed gutters easily, even while standing on the ground.

If you find the dirt to be stubborn, succumb it to the vacuum only after moistening them up. After vacuuming away the debris, wash out the gutters as well as the downspout with a garden hose. This will leave your gutter clean and free from all the debris.

#3 Cleaning with a Power Washer

It is recommended to choose your gutter cleaning technique after analysing the type and level of dirt and debris on your roof gutters. Like, in the case where you don’t even remember when you last cleaned your gutters, you are sure to be greeted with a heavy layer of leaves, twigs and dirt. Using a power washer technique comes at your rescue here. This is because; it comes with the fine-spray nozzle that blasts away all the debris at once.

This works best in the case where you have clogged downspouts. Rinse the shaft by pointing the nozzle down the hole of your downspout. Continue this process until you feel that the water runs easily through it. But, when you are using this method of gutter cleaning, be prepared to rinse the roof as well as the exterior walls post cleaning as it can really get messy.

#4 Cleaning with a Garden Hose

In the case when your gutters are not excessively blocked, clean them with a garden hose. You need is to equip your hose with the right attachment – probably a rigid tube with a curved end to clean the gutter. Now, begin the cleaning process from the end i.e. farthest from the downspout. Come nearer while flushing through the length of the channel. All this can be done easily by standing on the ground.

Carry on this simple process till you see that the debris has been cleared out. Make sure to remove the residue material with your hand before it gets dried up.

#5 Cleaning with Your Hand

Yes, you can also clean your roof gutters without using any equipment. For this, you will need a ladder, bucket, a gutter scoop or a garden trowel and heavy-duty gloves. Begin the process by taking out the leaves and debris little by little and placing them in the bucket. Once done, wash out the gutters and downspout with the garden hose till you find that the water flows freely.

#6 Pay someone to clean the gutters

There are two instances when it is best to consider a professional gutter cleaner:

  • If the gutters are extremely clogged and you need advanced techniques for the cleaning work
  • If you do not want to take the hassle of cleaning the gutters yourself in the first place

The expert cleaners have years of experience and will provide you with quality gutter cleaning services that are both efficient as well as safe. Moreover, they use advanced techniques which guarantee to leave your gutter with a clean, tidy and a debris-free state. A professional roof gutter cleaning service is worth as it will save your time and costs for buying the cleaning equipment.

One such professional team that you can count on is Himalayas Group. If you have blocked gutters, we have the knowledge, expertise and the advanced resources to carry out the gutter cleaning service in Melbourne, quickly and effectively.

To save yourself from costly roof repairs, opt for annual cleaning by hiring our reliable service. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team on 0415 841 606.


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