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Most of the homeowners take roof gutters for granted, thinking it is not the most prominent feature of their home. But the reality is if your roof gutters are properly cleaned and maintained, they can add so much value to your property.

Roof gutter help in protecting foundation, windows, doors and walls from water damage.

When neglected over the prolonged period of time, damaged gutters can cost you a lot. It can cause potential harm to your property’s internal structure and foundation. To keep the gutters flowing effectively, here are some guidelines that will help you maintain clean gutters for a longer period of time. Let’s take a look:

#1 Remove Debris From Gutters

Suspended water can cause damage to your building’s structure which can lead to expensive repairs. To prevent this, ensure gutters are clean and free from any foreign objects. Hiring professional gutter cleaners can be a good option. They have adequate experience and expertise in cleaning even the hard-to-reach spots.

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, ideally once in the spring and once in fall. But, if your property is surrounded by deciduous trees, you need to clean your roof gutters more often.

Ensure that all the twigs, leaves and other debris are carefully removed, either by using a trowel, scroop or hand. Also, make sure everything is carefully removed from outlet area, without letting anything fall into the down pipe. You can also install gutter guards to make gutter cleaning easier in future.

However, gutter guard or leaf guard can also be clogged. Thus, you still need to inspect and clean the gutters if needed, at least once a year.

#2 Unclog the Drainpipes

If by any chance, your rainwater pipe is blocked, you need to either clean it or replace it. However, most blockages are usually found in the drainage gully, in the rainwater shoe or at the foot of the drop. PVC rainwater shoes and drainage gullies can be detached by pulling them off. But, traditional, old style clay gullies need to be cleaned by using hands or drain rods.

#3 Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Clogged or broken gutter can cause more damage to the property and the surroundings. While cleaning your gutter, you’ll need to inspect if any repair is needed.

What you should look for?

  • Blocked downspouts – Ensure the downspouts are kept clear of leaves and other debris. Also, check that all the joints fit together properly. You can also install leaf guard to prevent further blockages.
  • Seal leaks – Make use of hosepipes to inspect seams and joints for leaks. To repair any leakage, you need to first thoroughly clean the area and then apply silicone caulk.
  • Corrosion – Rust can lead to formation of miniature pits in gutter which over time can grow into larger holes. Ensure to eradicate all the grime and rust to inspect what lies beneath.
  • Weak joints – Particularly, the joints between the down pipes and gutter sections are prone to malfunction. To extend the shelf-life of a gutter, you can apply silicone-based liquid plastic over joints.
  • Water runoff – Ensure that the water coming out of downspouts is properly redirected from your property by using an irrigation pipe, splash blocks or downspout extension.
  • Insufficient outlet capacity – Older gutters were designed to drain rainwater of much lower intensity and volume as compared to what we are currently experiencing. As a result, outlets fail to efficiently drain rainwater from the gutter system. To reduce this problem, you can either increase the size of the existing outlets or install more outlets.

These all indicate the need for a gutter repair. It’s highly advisable to get this fixed as soon as you identify one of these signs. Regular examining your gutters allows you to spot anything before it becomes a major overhaul.

#4 Get A Gutter Guard

Concerned about twigs, leaves and other foreign objects entering your gutter system? Invest in a high-quality gutter guard or leaf guard. Though this doesn’t alleviate the need for regular gutter cleaning, it still allows you to deal with less clutter, making gutter cleaning easier.

The key is to install the one that seamlessly fits your gutter whilst allowing free flow of water. Installing gutter guard is highly essential for gutters placed under or near trees.

Gutter Maintenance Tips as Per Season

Doing gutter inspection, maintenance and repairs all year-round can make gutter cleaning less burdensome. Add these maintenance reminders on your calendar and you are good to go:

  • Spring

Check for the sags and cracks that might have occurred during the winter. Look out for rising water level from the clogged and damaged gutters imposed on your fascia or roof attic.

  • Summer

Summer is the best time fora professional gutter cleaning, downspouts repair and roof repair. Possibly, your gutter guards and shields might have loosened or dented. Reattach them or if needed buy the new one and install it.

  • Fall

Ensure to remove all the leaves from gutter guards and inside the gutter. All debris should be eradicated in order to avoid clogging and freezing.

  • Winter

Keep an eye on gutters for ice damming and clear it immediately. Icicles hanging off gutters may indicate the heat escaping the home.

To Wrap Up

Properly functioning gutters can keep your house dry whilst preventing costly damages to the building’s structure and foundation. This can only be achieved with well-cleaned and maintained gutters. Following the above guidelines can also help you in prolonging the shelf-life of gutters. To ensure that your gutters are properly cleaned and maintained, call Himalayas Cleaning to do the job.

It is better if you hire a professional who has an in-depth knowledge and advanced techniques to do the gutter cleaning job.

Moreover, don’t you want to enjoy the things which you like more? So, don’t spend your weekends by cleaning debris from the gutters. Hire a professional gutter cleaning company so you can sit back and enjoy your weekend.

A professional gutter cleaning can keep the condition of your property intact.

Preserve your valuable investment by hiring an expert gutter cleaning service from Himalayas Group. Our professional team provides you with perfectly clean gutters at an affordable price.


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