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Has the coronavirus lockdown got you stuck at home like so many other Aussies right now? Well, now is the perfect time to knock a few jobs off the old to-do list. And chances are one of those jobs you’ve been putting off is cleaning out the gutters.

“But why do it now?” I hear you say. And fair enough. Gutter cleaning in Melbourne is one of those jobs that no one really likes doing. You’re working up high, lugging a ladder around, digging through the sludge on the roof. I get it. It’s not the funniest job in the world.

But now is a great time to do it. And here’s why.

#1 It’ll make good use of your lockdown time

With the coronavirus pandemic raging, a lot of people are working from home right now. And that means you’ve probably got more spare time around the house during the week. And once the weekend rolls around it’s not like you’re going anywhere.

Make use of that time at home by taking care of some of those important jobs around the house that you never seem to get time to do: Like cleaning the gutters.

#2 It’s a great excuse to get outside

Being stuck inside all day every day can start sending you a little crazy. Maybe the kids won’t give you a moment’s peace or maybe you’re just sick of that enclosed feeling that comes with being cooped up.

So, why not grab a ladder, hop up on the roof and get to work on those gutters? Sure, it’s not glamorous work. But it’s an excuse to get outside, maybe get a bit of sunshine (before the Melbourne winter kicks in) and have a few moments of peace and quiet.

#3 It’ll get the blood pumping

For a lot of people, the coronavirus lockdown has meant more couch time and more snack time. With the gyms closed and the government encouraging people to stay home, you can’t really be blamed for feeling a little sluggish.

Getting up a ladder and doing some serious roof cleaning is a good way to get the blood pumping. Sure, it’s not a full gym workout, but it’s better than lazing around on the couch.

#4 Because winter is coming

One of the best times to clean out your gutters is towards the end of autumn. As the leaves fall from the trees, they can clog up your gutters and as the winter rains set in, that can lead to overflowing gutters, water pooling on your roof and serious moisture damage problems.

Why’s it important?

Still not motivated to jump on that ladder and get to work? Well, maybe you will be once you see what kind of damage clogged gutters can do to your home.

Clogged and dirty gutters can cause a whole range of problems around the home, and some of them can be incredibly costly to fix.

Improper roof drainage can lead to water pooling on the roof or overflowing down the sides of the house. This can cause major moisture damage to your roofing and foundations. And the roof repair can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Besides, roof leaks, roof and guttering water damage, drainage problems and several other health risks which are associated with clogged gutters, makes the regular gutter cleaning extremely important.

These are just some of the issues that clogged gutters can cause:

  • Water damage to the external roofing
  • Damage to the internal roof structure
  • Damage to roof and wall insulation
  • Rot and other damage to windows, doors and structural timbers
  • Damage to walls and ceilings
  • Staining to outside walls
  • Electrical problems due to moisture
  • Mould and mildew
  • Damage to gutters and fixings
  • Foundation cracking
  • Water damage in basements and cellars
  • Landscape erosion

And once summer rolls around, organic matter like leaves and branches on your guttering can create a fire risk; Which makes the preparation of your roof gutters ahead of summer, extremely essential.

Still not convinced? Get the pros to do it

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous work. You’re working high up, often leaning off a ladder or hunched over on the roof. And not everyone has the physical mobility to be getting up and down a ladder all day. To know more, on how often you should clean your roof gutters in Melbourne, get in touch with us or visit our website.

So, why not call the pros to come do it for you? And because the lockdown has you stuck at home, it’s easy to find a convenient time for tradies to come round.

The Himalayas Group are your roof restoration and gutter cleaning experts in Melbourne. Tick a job off your to-do list the easy way. Call Himalayas Group today on 0415 841 606 and let us do the work for you.  To know more on the measures taken by Himalayas Group on roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, click here.

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