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Melbourne has pleasantly hot summers, gentle autumns, cold winters and balmy spring. Due to these different climate conditions, several debris and leaves surround your property and roof gutters.

Over the course of time, the roof gutters in your property can be damaged due to the growth of algae, moss, mildew and build-up of leaves and dust. One of the cost-effective ways to protect the structural integrity of your roof is by opting for regular roof gutter cleaning.

Is Regular Roof Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne Required?

Gutters are useful to control rainwater in order to prevent your property’s foundation, walls and landscape. But, when you neglect cleaning your roof gutter, it can turn into an unpleasant experience.

The blockage of a roof gutter is caused due to the collection of debris and leaves. This will result in a leaky roof or water damage to the internal or external area of your property. Also, gutters with dirty and sticky residues can make a nice home for pets, rodents and mould. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of water damage, it is essential to know the importance of opting regular gutter cleaning in Melbourne.

There are several factors to keep in mind while considering the correct time to clean your gutters. Usually, the perfect time starts when the last leaves that fall from the tree and the time when the chilly winter beings, once a year. However, as Melbourne has unpredictable weather conditions, it is also recommended to start your gutter cleaning in late October to remove the bulk and prevent the ice damming in the winter. Also, you can do your second cleaning after the spring thaw, as a result, your roof gutters can tolerate the intense spring rains.

At last, keeping in mind your location of the property, number and distance of trees from your home, type of roof or size and shape of the roof, decide your upcoming roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne i.e. at least two or four times a year. To understand better, read our detailed blog post on how often you should clean your roof gutters.

How to Estimate the Cost of Roof Gutter Cleaning?

For a perfect roof gutter cleaning, a professional help is always recommended. Gutter cleaners will come to your house, identify the signs of damage and offer repair services. Generally, a professional gutter cleaning service will depend on the following considerations when estimating the cost of your gutter cleaning:

  • Property Height

    The cost of the gutter cleaning varies from property to property. If you have a single-storey house, then it will have the lowest gutter cleaning rate, as little as $150. However, gutter cleaning for a large double-storey house might cost you between $210-$390. Thus, the cost will increase with each storey due to added safety risk and the need for special equipment.

  • Roof Gutter Size

    Another factor which is considered while calculating the cost of gutter cleaning is the square footage of your home. If you are living in a sprawling mansion, then it will have more linear metres of guttering in comparison to a normal-sized house.

  • Gutter Condition

    If you haven’t cleaned your gutters for a longer period of time, then it is obvious they will be in a bad shape. As a result, it will require more time to clean those gutters and eventually will cause you more money. So, the price of your gutter cleaning also depends on the condition of gutters.

However, the overall cost of cleaning the roof gutters will be cheaper than fixing your roof due to serious damage or lack of maintenance.

Can We Provide A Gutter Cleaning Price List?

Yes, we can. We are an expert gutter cleaning service provider in Melbourne. If you provide us with your details like your address and needs – we can normally give you a price quote for gutter cleaning. You can use our contact form on our website to request a price quote.

Save Time and Money with Professional Roof Gutter Cleaning

Save both time and money on gutter cleaning, trust Himalayas Group. Our roof gutter cleaning services are the best in the industry and in the Melbourne market. Our gutter cleaning services are available for all types of roofs, there is nothing our fully qualified team cannot handle.

We start by inspecting your gutters, tightening the fasteners and resealing any caps or outlets. But we are full-service gutter cleaners and apart from cleaning gutters, we can also:

  • Clean the roof and your house with high-pressure cleaning
  • Check for any roof damage or broken tiles
  • Repair roof damage
  • Window cleaning
  • Install gutter guards
  • Bird proof the gutters
  • Remove and dispose of debris after gutter cleaning
  • Provide a roof condition report
  • Paint your roof

Our prices are highly competitive for professional gutter cleaning in Melbourne. Call 0415 841 606 to book an appointment.


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