High Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

If you want to restore the original look of your exteriors, pressure cleaning is the way to go. We offer professional high pressure cleaning in Melbourne for both residential and commercial properties.

We use advanced high pressure cleaning machines that can remove all kinds of stains and contaminants from roofs, walls and other surfaces without damaging the surface. With our process, we can remove roof mould from the root, removing all stains and preventing regrowth. We can also restore smoke damaged walls and roofs, as well as removing graffiti and other tough stains.

Our cleaning specialists are professionally trained to operate specialised high pressure cleaning equipment. We can provide a comprehensive cleaning service without risk of damage to the surface or the surrounding areas.

Whether you need to pressure clean roofing, sidewalks, fences, brick and vinyl siding, we can help. We are fully licensed and insured cleaners and we always provide prompt and friendly customer service on every job.

High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne


Domestic Pressure Cleaning

We offer complete high pressure cleaning services for residential exteriors including driveways, concrete, garage, patios, fences and tennis courts, roofs, walls and more.

Our advanced pressure cleaning technique can remove even the toughest stains.

Graffiti Removal

Need to remove graffiti from shopfronts, windows, wooden surfaces or any other surface? Call us for an efficient cleaning service. Having years of experience and expertise, we can remove graffiti promptly and effectively from just about any surface.

Using the latest high pressure cleaning technology, we can remove graffiti without causing any damage to the surface.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

At Himalayas Group, we provide high pressure cleaning services for businesses all over Melbourne. Using state-of-the-art pressure cleaning technology, we can quickly and thoroughly clean warehouses, factory floors, office exteriors, shopfronts and more.

Why Choose Our Pressure Cleaning Service?

● We provide professional and efficient service to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

● Our services are reliable, prompt and affordable.

● We use the state-of-the-art high pressure cleaning machines to provide you with the deep clean and quality finish.

● We only use commercial-grade eco-friendly cleaning products.

● We offer affordable cleaning services and obligation-free quotes on all work.

High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

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