Roof ridges bedding is a very important part of a roof’s structure and requires regular maintenance along with roof gutter cleaning services in Melbourne to ensure your house stays in top condition. If your roof is in top condition, the health of the rest of your property is in healthy condition. If you have an older home, it may still feature cement mortar for the roof pointing. The cement can crack or break, allowing roof tiles to loosen or shift which might cause a leak inside the house when it’s raining.

ridges bedding roof

Roof ridge caps bedding is a cement mortar that holds the roof tiles in place. Over time, the bedding is subjected to natural wear and tear. Loose tiles are a common sign that the roof tile needs to be re-bedded. If the bedding is not looked after, it may crack or fall away completely and leave the roof tiles unsecured. Unsecured roof tiles may easily become displaced or even slide off the roof, becoming dangerous for anyone near the house and leaving your house unprotected from the volatile Melbourne weather.

Explore the benefits of replacing the cement mortar with flexible pointing compounds. Re-bedding and repointing roof tiles may help you save money on costly repairs over the long term.

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