Periodic roof washing is an important part of preventative maintenance around your home. Not only does roof washing keep your home looking great and enhance the kerbside appeal, but it also prevents roof damage by removing moss, mould and other contaminants.


At Himalayas Group, we provide roof washing services for just about any type of roof. Using state of the art pressure cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products, our cleaning teams can quickly and thoroughly return your roof to pristine condition.

Our teams will remove mould and mildew, moss and other growths, bird and animal droppings, leaf matter and other debris. We can also handle all your gutter cleaning and flush out your down pipes and drains. Our experienced cleaning teams can do a spot check of your roof and gutters to ensure that there’s no damage. If we find anything, we can even quote you for repairs.

We have all the necessary equipment to safely access your roof and work from heights without risk. We always deliver prompt and friendly service and affordable rates for all work.

Whether you’re looking for roof and gutter cleaning in Melbourne, roof repairs or painting, the team at Himalayas Group can get the job done.

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