When it comes to cleaning tiled roofs, you need an experienced team you can trust. At Himalayas Group, we provide expert roof tile cleaning services.

Using soft pressure cleaning and specialised non-toxic cleaning products, we can remove moss and lichen, mould and mildew, animal droppings and stains and debris from your roof tiles without damaging them.


Terracotta and slate tiled roofs can be more delicate than other roof surfaces. That means that high-pressure cleaning can sometimes crack and break the tiles. Additionally, because terracotta tiles are not designed to fit closely together, high-pressure cleaning can sometimes force water under the tiles, leading to leaks in the roof space.

Our roof tile cleaning teams use a proven, specialist cleaning process to remove all stains and contaminants from your roof tiles, without any risk to your roof. We are fully equipped with all the necessary access and safety equipment needed to reach and clean your roof. And we’re fully insured.

We deliver friendly service and guarantee premium results on every job. We also provide gutter cleaning and repairs, roof repairs and painting and more.

When it comes to taking care of your roof, leave it to the pros at Himalayas.

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